Camping rates are 500.00 mets per person per night. Usually 6 people per campsite but exceptions allowed depending on which campsite is available.

Minimum rate per campsite is 1250.00 mets during holiday season.

Children under 12 pay 250.00 mets per night.

Power if required is 250 mets per site per night(max 8 people).

You can pay in RSA Rands calculated at the exchange rate of the day.

Ablution block: Showers toilets and basins available with hot and cold water. There are 2 campsites with their own shower and toilet at a 600 mets per person per night all ages.

Braai wood, charcoal and ice are available.

Camping sites next to the sea, just behind the first dune, 50 to 70m.


We have 2 bed, 4 bed, 5 bed, 6 bed and 1 X 10bed chalets. Out of season tariffs are 1000 mets per person per night with a minimum charge of 2000 mets per night per chalet.

In Season and long weekends we rent out full chalets, 2 bed @ 2000 mets, 4 bed @ 4000 mets, 5 bed @ 5000 mets, 6 bed @ 6000 mets, 10 bed @ 10000 mets

Peak Season (1Dec to 10 Jan) we rent out full chalets, 2 bed @ 3000 mets, 4 bed @ 6000 mets, 5 bed @ 7500 mets, 6 bed @ 9000 mets, 10 bed @ 12000 mets

You can pay in RSA Rands calculated at the exchange rate of the day.

Chalets are equipped with all utensils you will need to prepare your own meals, a fridge, 2 plate stove, fan and a barbeque outside. All beds have mosquito nets.

You only need to bring your own towels. It has a bathroom inside with shower, toilet, basin and hot and cold water morning and afternoons.

We require a 50% deposit for all bookings.

Getting There

You can reach the parking area at the lodge with a 2X4 vehicle provided that it is not too low and not too small.

We can transport you (and your camping gear/luggage if within limits) to and from the Macaneta Police Station at 250.00 mets per person return.

Minimum Charge 600.00 mets per return trip.

The bridge is completed and the ferry is no longer in use.

All prices subject to change without notice.

Paypal International Payments

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